A State of Being


Performance Date August  14 & 15, 2010

This is a collaborative site-specific work that involves both a media artist and a dance artist. It addresses the state of being intersected in relation to the constant oppositional energies our bodies and minds experience within the context of both the external and internal worlds that each of our consciousness entertains. We create a semi improvised dance work that examines  “intersections”, both as spaces and as states of being. Our logic is semi mathematical, fully organic and holistic in nature.

The work generates an immersive environment that is geared towards creating a metaphysical mirror enabling one to connect with oneself in terms of reflection and introspection. Intersection as a state of being as well as the state of being intersected is of unique interest to us because it is the in between spaces that we are attempting to reflect upon and embody. By creating spaces inside of spaces that allow for the world around us to both become magnified through our senses, as well as allow our viewers to disengage from regular modes of thought, we are facilitating a heightened sense of self as well as environmental awareness.

The focus is on highlighting the numerous choices conscious or sub-conscious, one makes while trying to navigate each waking moment within these internal and external spaces of choice and change. Change and decision-making are the existential constants that will be maintained structurally in this non-linear work. The work develops in real time between both artist as well as feeding off of the energies surrounding the space particularly that of those engaging with the performance, passers by, traffic, and localized or amplified natural sounds due to the architecture of the space.

Lal Bagh Road serves as the ideal location for the performance because of the sites naturally occurring physical geometry and sound elements. Its proximity to the roadway and natural soundscape aid the challenge to interpret, perform and create with a deeply rooted sense of immediacy in terms of the real time response to the natural as well as artist generated environment.

– Text by Mic Croitoru

– Video documentation shot by Rebana John and Devika Dave, compiled by Tahireh Lal